Preliminary Key Skills Review Questions


I feel that I am a confident person in terms of communicating with customers and clients. As ‘Head of House’ during 6th Form, I had to regularly speak in front of roughly 250 students which definitely improved my public speaking skills. It helped with my ability to motivate and use persuasive language to encourage people to want to take part in activities.

I also worked as a waitress serving customers on a regular basis, I found that being a waitress is all about making sure the customer feels that they are being given a one on one service. I had to be in a positive frame of mind to ensure that the customer is happy and is having an enjoyable dining experience. This job helped me to become more patient , sincere and  respectful of others, particularly when dealing with difficult customers.

I definitely feel that there are areas in which I need to improve my communication and interpersonal skills. Fully engaging the audience is something I could improve, this could be done by practicing use of eye contact and use of hand gestures, both of these improvements help to convey interest and encourages your audience to be interested in you in return.

Team Work

Whilst in school I was voted as ‘Council Rep’ for our year, this meant I attended regular school council meetings throughout the year and worked in a large team to help improve the school. In teams I am good at having the courage to express my opinion but also being respectful of alternative ideas and understanding that not everyone will agree. I like to keep a calm but focused atmosphere in the group by allowing every person to say how they feel without people talking over them. I think team work is a very challenging task, it tests your listening skills as well as communication skills. During media studies at school I works in a team to produce music videos, films and print work, this testing my skills in working in a team because there were numerous encounters with people not meeting deadlines, effecting the whole group. To prevent problems like this happening, I learnt that regular team discussions are essential to ensure that each individual is providing the same amount of work.

Organisation & Planning

I would describe myself as well organised in terms of work. When set a task or assignment I am not one to leave it to the last minute but someone who launches into the task from day one. I find that deadlines are important because they motivate me to not allow work load to build up. Deadlines, for me, apply much needed pressure, it is in this situation that I work to the best of my ability.

This year, for example, I planned a three month trip to Italy for myself. Not only was I to travel the country but I also planned to attend language school and learn Italian. For this trip I had plan my time perfectly in order to receive the most from it, there were a few problems on the way, but travelling by myself meant that I had only myself to rely on. When faced with some difficult situations I learnt that it was best to remain calm and focus on finding a solution as quickly as possible, rather then panicking about the issue.

To improve my planning and self organisation skills I think I could focus my attention equally on the tasks I have been set. If i am overly passionate about a project in particular I tend to neglect other important things. To do this I could set aside equal time space to each project.

Technical Skills

During my four years of media studies in school I used many software packages, such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band and Dreamweaver. My major media project in year 13 saw me create a music video, digi-pak and magazine advert, using a variety of programs. One of the difficulties I was faced with when undertaking the project was getting the music perfectly lip-synced with the video footage. This took a lot of practice and patients when using Final Cut Pro but I overcame this challenge by either re filming footage or slowing down the pace of the video to match the lyrics in the song.

Going forward into University I wish to achieve a more professional portfolio of work and be able to use software confidently. I want to expand on my creative skills and generate ideas and concepts which I can transform into something informative and interesting for others to see, using different computer programs and media.


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