Type Dynamics Indicator Test and Review


Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of the personality test, it produced a lot of true traits of mine, such as being organised and having the ability to work with all types of people by creating a harmonising atmosphere. It is honest to say that I will work very hard and work in an ordered way but can also juggle a social life too, I believe that I am good at finding the balance between working hard but having free time too.

I find it interesting that the test states that I do not seek leadership but will happily take on responsibility. I think this is true to some degree however I believe that I definitely seek leadership and want to manage tasks but feel that I don’t speak up and say. Perhaps this is because I don’t want to come across as overpowering, I feel that this is something I need to work on as I am a good decision-maker and feel comfortable being in control.


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